Skippy Services LLC operates in St. Charles and St. Louis county. Offering Handyman services to repair, maintain or improve your home, yard and even your car or truck.

Big jobs. Small jobs. Some jobs are hourly, some jobs are by quotes or bids.

Basic plumbing includes but may not be limited to sink replacement, faucet replacement, garbage disposal or in sink aerator replacement, toilet replacement or repair, basic drain opening or repair, leak tracing and repair.

Basic Electrical includes but may not be limited to switch replacement, outlet replacement, fan light or fixture replacement, additional service, new service.

Basic carpentry includes but may not be limited to deck repair or includes but may not be limited to , door replacement, cabinet installs or replacement.

Basic landscaping and yard work, temporary or emergency grass cutting and trimming, small and medium size tree trimming or removal, pesticide and fertilizer application, storm damage clean up, pavers or edging installs, fence or fencing installation or repair, trash can enclosures, shed assembly or repair, play set assembly and installation.

Child proofing apparatus installation repair or removal, disability retrofit and install, assembly installation or repair of many types of indoor furniture or storage units including Ikea, room essentials, home, home decorators, mainstays.

Flooring installation or replacement including tile, laminate, vinyl and "smaller room" carpeting. Baseboard installation and replacement.

Basement remodeling


Basic hauling services including delivery of furniture and junk removal. Moving assistance.

Welding services, fabrication, strengthening, repair.

Seasonal cleaning and "clean outs"

Master A.S.E. certified technician with 20 years experience for most of your automotive needs. Including but may not be limited to repair, consultation, consignment sale and pre-purchase inspections.